We Are What We do made the… finals of the UK Blog Awards

We Are What We Do has reached the final stage in the UK Blog Awards process as a Travel individual finalist! ukba2017/finalists/individual- entrant/Travel


And am touched because the world of We Are What We do is not an ordinary world. It is a rare, vintage, retro, nostalgic world. 
WAWWD is the home of the people who love travelling, love colours, love being different and being true. Truly talented individuals, idealists who extend a helping hand; a smile but more importantly their heart.

The WAWWD could be a movie of Luis Buñuel, a vintage Emilio Pucci kaftan dress, a song from Yves Montand, the Monogram of Elytis, a small vintage family treasure, the kiss of Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, a book from Gabriel Garcia Marques, a taste from an organic market, a parisien Dalloyau macaron, a Robert Capa photo, a trip to the Chora of Patmos, a long walk barefoot next to the Aegean sea together with Aristotle, the taste on the lips from succulent tomatoes and feta cheese, olive oil and grandma’s country style bread, the Balkan sounds from the trumpets playing in the Guča festival.

We Are What We Do is the livid laughter of friends, a trip around the world. It could be a hug, a kiss, a confession, a family member. WAWWD is “philoxenia” also known as hospitality. The colours, the tastes, the sun of the South that embraces the East, the West and the North in a sunburned kiss…


Even though We Are What We Do is just 4 months old and the playing field in the UK is simply bigger, We Are What We Do made it because of all of you.

Yesterday as soon as I received the email, I couldn’t believe in my eyes, my mobile phone just slipped out of my hands and I was overcome with joy.
The only bilingual application that made it to the finals! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most beautiful beginning in this new year.


Happy New Year to all of us,


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