Eftychia Fragou

I was born on a very hot summer morning, by the sea, in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece.  Maybe that’s why I love all of these elements so deeply.

I think my life was connected with travelling and upheavals way before I was born.

Home was everywhere.

Different schools, in different cities, in different countries.

Dozens, hundreds, numerous trips, thousands of km. With buses, trains, cars, airplanes, boats, in all weather conditions.

I changed homes for the first time when I was just 3 months old, and from there on follow an uncountable number of houses and homes.

I took something from each place.

I took something from all the karma meetings.

I lived a blessed childhood. With a lot of adventures. With many changes. With lots of love.

I was the girl of the House and I loved it..


Mom says that I was a very quiet and adaptable kid. I was documenting everything. I was even noting down the license plates of the drivers who were not wearing seat belts.

Even in these technologically advanced years, I still walk around with my notebook, where I write down and document everything… Clothing brands and designers that I should check out, movies that I should watch, a book that I should not forget to read, a quote that made my day, a restaurant that I should visit.. All the favourite “big” things in my life.

Small Bio

I was born in Thessaloniki and I changed schools several times because of my father’s career, which required frequent transfers. I graduated high school in Athens from the 3rd High School of Chalandri.

I graduated with a BA in Communications, Media and Culture from Panteion University in Athens in 2005. I then continued my studies at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (2007) in New York with a scholarship from the Academy. I rounded out my studies with a Masters at the School of Fine Arts at the Aristoteleion University in Thessaloniki (Department of Theatre 2010, distinction).

I changed many schools, many locations, but my life always remained connected to the arts, music, theatre, travels, style, fashion, cinema; with everything colourful of this weird world.

My first piano teacher was Fides Schöner, then Eleni Zografou, Stasa Tzala, and Lilian Kallitsi. One of my biggest mentors to this day was Dimitris Typaldos with his Children Choir (I will always be a lifetime member). I completed the two year program of Modern Music at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, while also doing voice production and speech training with Rasmi Tsopela.

For as long as I remember myself, I have been working. I have worked many jobs – some non-paid, others underpaid while others have been amazing opportunities. Regardless, all were valuable experiences.

I recollect some years of my life when I was doing nothing else other than working (I think that at this point in my life I am trying to find a desirable work/life balance, and I feel that I’m getting there).

I started with babysitting and teaching small kids. Then I worked as an usher, as an assistant producer, as an assistant director and as an assistant stage manger in small theatres. I also took part in some commercials .

I was young but strong.

The objective was always one: variety, personal growth and independence.

As the years were going by, I took part in some productions at the Greek Cultural Centre in New York. My most exciting and memorable experience was an amazing production of NTNG. The performances were given at children hospitals for kids that were suffering from cancer.

As a journalist I have worked across every single medium available to the media world – in TV, in radio and in printed and online magazines and I did so during these very difficult years when the media world was collapsing in Greece.

And I managed to unify my two big loves: art with communication.

In New York radio came into my life (Greece365). I started initially with voice-overs and then became a producer on cultural evening shows. I carried over this love for radio in every single city I lived. It was 958 in Thessaloniki and Vima fm 99.5 in Athens.

In TV, my love for travelling and my passion for documentaries found an avenue for expression when I had the chance to present “Balkan Express”. With “Balkan Express”, I travelled in Serbia, in Montenegro, in Slovenia, in Bulgaria, in Romania and in Croatia, managing to acquaint myself with the people and cultures of Greece’s neighborhood through a tv roadtrip.

“Eikona sou eimai”, a TV documentary about unique, successful people was the next stop on my career journey. My last documentary was “Return to the Village” which aired on Alpha TV. I had the chance to present one of the most well produced documentary shows of the past few years.

I also worked as an editor at several women magazines and sites (shape.gr, Shape, Celebrity, Mirror), while I was also a scriptwriter for “Balkan Express”, for “Return to Village”, and for the documentary “Herbs: Secrets and treatments”. I have also taken part in narrating two novels in “Kalokairina Navagia» and «Istories katw apo to gki» from Polytropon publications.

After Athens, Thessaloniki and New York my new home is London where I continue working as a producer and a scriptwriter in campaigns, corporate videos, movies and documentaries.

And the trip continues…