2018 announced its arrival

These thoughts are better read with this musical accompaniment …

The first month of the year came to an end.

Wishes, promises, predictions, expectations, were all an inextricable part of the discussions during the festive period.

You’ve set narrow deadlines for their implementation and you’ve made a bet on the roulette of the new year, placing all your hopes on change.

And yet the first month has passed and now you have to make an honest assessment.

Seriously now, when did it pass?

Did someone not count correctly?

February is already here.


(= long hypnosis which many animals enter into during the winter)

And not just them. But us too.
You feel it. You feel sleepy and cold and you only find shelter at home in the warmth of your own microcosm. On Sundays you only want to snooze on sofas and beds with blankets, proper cocooning with just the prospect of books, movies and board games bringing you excitement.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We all feel like that. If you make it to work,  if you manage to do something that makes you feel good with yourself. If you go for walks and do any form of exercise and if you make it to any theatre/cinema/ gallery.. then you should not worry at all. You’re still alive.

The truth is, I never liked this last month of winter. Apart from the birthdays of some loved ones I always just waited for the spring and counted down to summer.

February is a small torn, “hermaphrodite” month. By the end of the month though the Carnival shows up, and all the film awards are on your doorstep. 

And as I grow older, I seem to increasingly discover its beauties… 

I never welcomed February as it deserved. 


-Papis asks for caresses.

-Miles Davis voice is emanating from the speaker…

-My finger is sticky from honey, eaten straight from the pot and passed from one hand to the other 

-Belle du Jour’s from Buñuel traveled me back in time.

-“Crown” (the TV series) is haunting all my nights.

-The book “31328” by Venezi filled my heart.

-And yes!  The upcoming Oscars which gives us the excuse to gather all together to watch every single nominated movie… 

Not only that.. The baked apples with honey and cinnamon that became my new obsession.
And the list goes on.
The laughter from the inside jokes that only your close circle comprehends, the baggy freshly washed sweatshirt that you get lost in, the big hug that made everything better, the familiar voice of those you love.
All these are enough to bring a smile to your face. All these are more than enough for you to get lost in your own microcosm, in your own winter paradise.
Take advantage of this time, it has its own grace.
Recharge your batteries.
Feed your soul, with books, music, stimuli and people that make you bloom …
Reinforce your defenses. Your choices are your only armor against a world where you may not feel fully aligned.
Your choices. Your recurring choices. That’s all you are. That’s what we are.
We are here.

Have a happy February and you bet we mean it.
With love,


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