Spring leaves its traces … Welcome!

– I woke up this morning listening to this song, and I was humming along to the melody while dancing at the same time as my morning coffee was being brewed.  … Volare …

-The Music is playing a little louder …

-All open. This beautiful, descriptive Greek language that reveals all through the roots of its words and through the myriad of images it creates. Doors, hearts, emotions … We are open. 

-The days get longer along with the duration of daylight …

–You put a bit more colour everywhere – in the outfit you select, in your house, in the flowers you choose, on your lips.

-The fruits, the vegetables, the flowers everything, beckon you to join in this interminable feast of colours and of the senses ..

-Regardless of how much we have suffered at the hands of mother nature, the sun wins out even for a moment …

-It doesn’t matter if you sleep a bit later  … Life just asks you to live.

You don’t feel cold at all times and everywhere.

-You start making plans with your loved ones that include the word summer.-You start wearing short-sleeved shirts with a sweater over them just to feel that summer is approaching.

 -All This unbearably unpleasant news that intrudes from everywhere, from your door, from the cracks, from all the devices, which penetrate and define your mood, seem to matter a little bit less.

-You seek the first ice cream stick.

-You buy a pot of flowers for the house.-You start preparing for Easter. Our beautiful celebration.

– Nature blooms and it’s “wearing” its festive clothes.Spring is God’s way of saying: “Let’s go again.”


March comes from the word Mars. The power and the strength.

The ageless youth.

The victory of colour.

The depiction of hope.

PS. A gentle spring conspiracy starts emerging in unexpected places: I burst into laughter with a mother on the street because her son sent me kisses … Also today a girl that was sitting opposite me on the tube smiled at a young boy.

Welcome spring…

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