100 reasons to visit Greece this summer and every season

The summers belong to Greece. Everything is Greece.

A lot of my friends often ask me, why should someone visit Greece. And I always want to share so many thoughts.

So for all these reasons and for many more …

Because Greece is unsurpassed with her thousands of precious islands like stars of a sky that descended to the earth.

Because Greece is endless. She is the kiss of the East and the West. She is the rare charm of the South that nestles between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Because Greece is her coastline. All 15,000 km of it, so that everyone can find his or her own little slice of happiness.

She is the Aegean. She is her seas that will hold and embrace you.

Because Greece is her hospitality.Because Greece is as sweet as her wine.

She is bitter like oleander. 

She is acidic like her olives.

She is salty like the salt in the wound.

She is soothing like her mountain tea.

Because Greece is the Sun that heals all. The Sun that brings you back to life when your soul leaves your body.

Because Greece is her pride. Greece is her strength as she stands tall even when besieged and surrounded by treacherous enemies from all sides.

Because Greece can become a Trojan Horse, evolve into Hydra, she can be a Nymph then transform into a Muse and in the end she can even overcome the Labors of Hercules. 

Because Greece is Perfection. The Ideal.

She is an olive wreath. A boat and a sail in the Aegean. The Olympic Games, Epidaurus, the Dionysian Ecstasy.

Because Greece is philosophy, astronomy, science, mythology, theatre, debate, mathematics, physics, medicine, law, art. Greece is everywhere. She can be found everywhere and ensconced in everything.Because Greece is the stone. She is her soil. She is her fertile land. her marble.

Because Greece has as many faces as life itself. She dresses like Macedonia, gives battles like Crete, fights like Epirus, leads like the Peloponnese, protects like the Aegean islands, supports like Thrace, sings like the Ionian Islands, fosters like Thessaly, teaches like Attica and enchants you from the north to the south…Because Greece is Art. From where everything started.; from where A set out to find B.

Because Greece is its flavours. The oil that touches the tomato and then touches the skin on your fingertips. The skin, the only good conductor of its essence.Because Greece is a seductress. She enchants you, she encourages you, she dances and sings to you, she glorifies you and she never talks to you in the plural out of courtesy.

Greece is her endless beauty. She feels for you and she forgives you and embraces you like a mother her child.

Because Greece is family. Greece is Love. Greece is Eros. Because Greece holds your hand. Because you’re never alone when you set foot on her shores. Gods, ideas, sacrifices, legends, miracles and vows will accompany you.

Because Greece is her jasmine. The vine. The Basil. The vanilla sweet. The watermelon from the backyard. The tomato you cut from your garden. Because Greece is her people. The great and the classics. Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Euripides Elytis, Seferis, Kazantzakis, Kapodistrias. This enormous endless list of the Great Greeks. But Greece is also the “kyra of Ro” and the war widow who raised five children silently on her own.

Because Greece is authentic. She is the foundation upon which we built this world.

Because Greece is her traditions. The legends, the heroes, the circular dances, the festivals, the secret schools, the chapels with the cross that tears the sky, the monasteries, this burning faith in something greater…Because Greece is universal. She is her endless touch, unceasing through the ages.

She is a gift. She is the gift. The gift we were given.

Because Greece is the Aristotelian ethic. She is justice.

Because Greece believes in Man. The only being who looks up. Because he can talk to God on equal terms.

Because Greece is her “pallikaria (courageous men)”. Her “Evzonoi”. The fighters.

Because Greece is the singing melody of her language. The language that is spoken everywhere as it is enclosed in all the languages of this universe. She is the pandemonium of her vowels. Greece of absolute harmony, minimalism, simplicity and classicism.

Because Greece is not confined to her narrow geographical boundaries but extends to all that spreads like an epidemic of embrace all over the world. Because Greece is the Greeks who have spread to all corners of this planet.

Because Greece is the Lighthouse. It’s the unbreakable light. The lighthouse that will illuminate you even when the curtains come down.

Because Greece is its contribution to humanity. Not only that of Antiquity. But its presence throughout the centuries. All her “NO’S”. Her attitude that helped shape events even in the twentieth century.

Because Greece is the curves of her alphabet. The Θ and Φ, Ψ and Λ, the B that meets Ω.

Because Greece is the sum of her great victories and her equally large mistakes. Her Oversized successes. The victorious battles. But also the differences and the disagreements. The endless list of people that raped her.

Because Greece is her upheavals . Her national catastrophes. Her laments, her legends and losses. Her refugees. Byzantium. Pontus. Asia Minor. Cyprus. North Epirus. Her history. The vast pool of her experiences. The flesh that was ripped apart and watered her earth.Because Greece is her friends. All those who saw in Hellenism what the soul wants to become when it touches the sky.

Because Greece is her Gods, who in number are equal to her sorrows.

She is the sum of her silent prayers.Because Greece is the blue that meets the white to become blue again. It is the palette of colours that merges into one when the Greek sun reigns.Because Greece is her flag. The National Cloth that symbolizes that the opposite of death is not life but Freedom.  

Because Greece is your Great Ideas. Your seemingly unreachable dreams that she proves that are achievable. And just like that she comes to your ear and whispers like the mother to the child that “nothing is impossible”.

Because Greece is always Great even when some want her small.

“I am sure that these despicable do not represent living Greece, they do not represent anything and there are unknown people that are worthy and they are reaching out to you” -George Seferis


With love,


Note: I decided to depict Greece as a glorious woman. This is Greece amongst so many other things that can not be captured in a few lines. She is definitely not what they – all these charlatans, jesters, and quacks – tell you.

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