Mommy. My mom. Happy Birthday Mom…

Your song mom has “set fire” to the house today.

The “crazy gypsy” and the voice of Georgakopoulou warms the speakers of the radio and my heart.

They say that everyone has one lottery ticket in this life. You are mine.

Rare.  Overpowering. Absolute.

You encompass all the Beaufort and the Richter degrees, in a rare blend sprinkled with worthiness, strength and spirit.

Hot lava.
Brave and generous with the entire world around you.
Oh my God, so beautiful. With a face like a moon. Radiant like our “Galaneiko” family.

Cerberus. The shield. The bulletproof vest of the family. So no bullet will touch us
Insurmountable. You are the head. The heart. The family itself.

Your sharp mind.
Your justice.
Your education.
Your special form of gravitas. This unsurpassed class.

Everything “small” I achieved, all the paths I followed, where I am now and where I shall get to, you were always there behind me, you and your unwavering faith in me. This endless faith you always had in me.

You are always the ultimate inspiration. This girl who left her village behind at the age twelve to study and to conquer the world.

With you, along with dad and Stelios (my brother), I travelled the world. I saw Greece from one end to the other… And you gave me something of its light. You gave me something of its infinite glow.

If only the post office could send you my heart.

There is nothing after you. There is no joy and no success if I cannot share them with you.

There can be no morning without your “good morning” and no night without your “sweet dreams”.

You are the warm bread with butter and honey. Tomato with feta cheese, olive oil and bread. The sun, the light of Greece that burns one’s face in the warm embrace of the South. You are the deep blue of the Aegean. You are the harbor.

You are the sum of all your advices, your infinite wisdom.
You are the sweet-swelling bedsheets.
You are the incomparable meals you prepare out of only the ingredients of love.

PS. On Saturdays we used to always go together to the local street markets where you would teach me how to choose the best goodies while showing me the real world. And now that I’m away from you, your scent, pierces my nose and my heart.

“My dear child, be afraid only of those people who don’t believe in anything…” you would tell me…

Happy Birthday Mom.

Today we will have a big celebration.
I love you more, further and beyond forever.
Your only daughter.


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