A bit more of 2017: New year. All new…

Every new year that arrives brings with it a plethora of inspiring decisions for change, for self-improvement, for everyone to let a bit more light to filter through the cracks.

Magazines, sites and tons of articles have consumed tons of ink and gigabytes, on advising you how to lose 10kg, on ways to find the big love or secret tactics to preserve the sparkle in your relationship, magic tricks to get rid of all possible addictions and infallible advice on how to maximize your income and to climb up the professional pyramid.

All of them may be right but it all sounds so phony at the same time.

The only thing that changes is the actual number of the year.

There are no hidden recipes for happiness and success. There is room though for changing the dosage. And let 2017 be just about….the dosage.

A bit more in 2017…

-More hugs and kisses. More smiles (Hug with your hands. Tightly. Kiss. With eye contact.)

-More good health. Small changes to habits are enough in order to feel not only slimmer or younger but more importantly more active.

-More work. More work doing what you love. With a process. With a schedule. With concentration. “Pet” your job, “talk” to her with a soft voice,“water” it and it shall flourish.

-More understanding. Indulgence makes you human and is equal to maturity. Every time that you want to take out your “Kalashnikov” weapon of criticism don’t load it. Think first.

You can’t always have the last word and win every argument.

Don’t waste your time on meaningless gossip.

And bear in mind that everyone carries their own trials and tribulations.

-More freedom: Don’t oppress the people around you. Don’t grumble. Whining shows that a person is dissatisfied.  And that’s not you..

-Don’t domineer the people around you. The more you let people be free the more they will be coming back to you. Fact.

-Be more classy. Class is something you radiate. It is found in the sweetness of your eyes. In the way you dress. In the aroma your body gives off. In your words. In your readings. In your thoughts.

-More love. Give it not only to your dear ones. But towards everybody. Treat everything with love and tenderness.

-And more importantly. Have faith. In the big plan of Life.

Happy 2017. Shall it bring whatever everybody wants.

Just please don’t bring everything we can bear…


“Long tiring journey


The worst part is

You don’t know if you are going or coming back- Kiki Dimoula


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