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Tens of hundreds of stores, of department stores, and e shops offer a plethora of consuming choices for you to proceed to as much shopping as you want and as much as you can endure.

Lights, music, sparkling labels that announce increasingly discounted choices for you. You have all the reasons in the world to spend, even if you don’t  so have the financial capacity…

Never again in history did we have so many options and never again were we left with so many low quality ones.

Clothes for one-time use, garments that don’t last, that smell bad, that itch, with poor texture.

Shoes that make your feet hurt, that create bunions, that harbor bad smells.
The research is overwhelming… 88% of women are wearing tight and inadequate shoes; of which 55% have bunions 9 times more often than men.


We had a core value in our home, that was always emphasized with all kind of sayings involving quality:
“Buy less, but of better quality”.
“Cheap stuff turns to be pricey, as you have to replace it in the very near future”.
My mom had a thing about good fabrics, with well-cut pieces, with everything that has high quality. And I was trained by her to check the labels, to turn the clothes inside out to search in detail the composition of the garments.
When I liked a specific item and I was asking her if we can buy it she was just saying: “What kind of fabric is it made out of?”
And then she was adding to that: “We should buy it a little bit bigger… So you can wear it the year after and after….”


As the years passed, my hands and eyes became trained to recognize and distinguish between them.

I am searching for everything that is made out of cotton, silk, linen, wool (merino, angora, cashmere), leather. Fabrics that hug the body, that protect it and flatter it.


Did quality die?
The more you go out, the more the despair grows. Polyester, elastane, acrylic, jersey, nylon, polyethylene. All kind of chemical fabrics. As years go by, it gets harder and harder to find clothes made just from natural fabrics…


Small tips:

-Always look for the inside label, in order to know exactly what you are buying and where you are spending your money.
-Celebrity designers: Don’t get carried away by the name of your favorite singer/actor who decided to create his/her own clothing line. Some lines are very good, but for others there is literally no correlation between quality and price.

-When you shop online always check the category “details” where you will find a full description of the item you have chosen.
-Even the big clothing chains have created organic/premium quality and natural lines.


“Everything I did in my life, I owe it to my brains, to the decisions I took in crucial moments, to fate, to lady luck that was by my side, to my star, but also because to the way I was dressed, because of the high aesthetics and quality of my clothes.”

-Invest in timeless, classic pieces. It’s not about the money, it’s not about luxury, it’s a matter of choice. Instead of buying tons of useless clothes, prefer to choose only one. It’s worth it to invest as the years go by in the following pieces:
-wool coat
-leather jacket
-leather (eternal) boots
-leather shoes
-wool sweaters (I prefer the merino ones)
-cotton clothes
-cashmere scarf/pullover
-silk dress
-bespoke suit

-Shop the all time classic items during sales. You will come across great bargains.


 -Invest in clothes recycling. Your grandma’s tweed, your grandfather’s scarf, your older sister’s silk dress, your mother’s wool coat, your daddy’s old leather bag and all the other wonderful treasures that you will find at your home. With small alterations these old heirlooms can go from hand to hand. You will also realise that the old articles of clothing are usually of high quality and aesthetic. With that way you will feel at the same time that you are always wearing your people on you.

“Quality means to do something good even when nobody is watching”-Henry Ford

-Be a comparison shopper. Informed. Be eclectic. Classy. “First Class”as grandmother used to say.


You are whatever you give yourself to eat. You are what you read.

We are what we do. We are what we wear. We are our choices.
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